Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies, also known as marketing cookies or advertising cookies, are cookies that are used within a domain or across several domains to record the visitors’ surfing behaviour. Ultimately, they enable specific customised offers. The use of tracking cookies requires informed consent from you as the user. If you wish to accept these cookies, please use the button to agree by actively sliding the button from ‘off’ to ‘on’.

Analytical cookies

These cookies enable us to recognise visitors and to track their numbers and to see how visitors navigate through our website. This helps us to improve navigation for our users and to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. ARA only uses the information obtained by means of these cookies to improve the performance of our website. These cookies use Google Analytics; information that is collected by Google Analytics is anonymised as much as possible. For example, Google shall never process your full IP address and always masks the last part of your IP address. For more information, please check Google's privacy policy.

Functional cookies

Functional or technical cookies are cookies that are required to make the website work. These cookies facilitate a specific functionality of the website and improve your experience, for example by remembering your choices and preferences (for example a language choice) or by storing more complex decisions; with these cookies you can navigate our website and use its various functions.