Temporary work

Looking for specialist professionals? We’ve got them for you. For short and long-running projects. On a small or large scale. Planned ahead or right away. Because flexibility and adaptability are the key to success.

How we work

We never just propose people randomly. Our aim is always to get the perfect match between our flexible professionals and your company. Our many years of experience ensure that you will quickly get the professionals you need.

Getting acquainted first

We would like to know all the ins and outs of the vacancy and besides that also get an idea of the organisational culture within your company. This enables us to find the right professionals that would fit perfectly with your needs and organisation.

Motivated professionals only

We always screen our people to guarantee that they are motivated and properly prepared. Only then can they be of maximum value to your organisation. Not satisfied with the professionals we propose? We’ll simply make a new proposal from our extensive database.  And if we found the right professionals for you, we’ll take care of all the paperwork right away so that your new workers can get started soon.

Temporary work is a matter of trust. DB work not only provides the best flex workers, but also commitment to our objectives.

Neptune Shipyards

Guaranteed quality

During the work, we stay in touch with you and with our professionals. Are they performing well? Do they need additional training? We’ll arrange it. As can be expected from a good employer. This is how our flexible professionals make a difference for your company.

Need flexible staff?

Looking for professionals on a temporary basis? Strengthen your company with our professionals from the Netherlands and beyond. Contact us with no strings attached.

Direct contact

We are here to help you get the best professionals for your project

Register your vacancy online. Or schedule a call with one of our sales consultants.