Need extra workers on a temporary basis? Or specialist professionals for a specific project? Our reliable engineering professionals from across the Netherlands and abroad are at the ready for you. Our secondment service gives you continuity for your projects.

A wide range of specialist areas

You can turn to us for specialists in many different areas. From painters for shipbuilding to plumbers. Each and every one of them has years of experience in their trade. Including in areas with skill shortages.

We know our people 

We vouch for our people. The professionals we provide have generally been with us for many years. We guarantee that you will get reliable workers.

Motivated staff 

Many of our people come from outside the Netherlands. Our duty of care towards them goes further than signing an employment contract. We help with things such as their housing, travel, and insurance. This way, they won’t have to spend any time on practicalities and can put all of their energy into your project.

More about DB Work

Working with DB work's foreign skilled workers means working without risk.

Cibalia Scheepsbouw & Reparatie B.V.

Extending your team?

Need extra professionals? Rely on our expertise. Talk to one of our specialists on outsourcing and staff secondment in the Netherlands and beyond.

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