Find staff for industry 3D Drafters

Question: where do you find Autodesk Revit specialists? Virtually every single engineering firm will give you the same answer: not in the Netherlands. We have an extensive network of Romanian professionals who can offer optimum help in meeting your 3D drawing needs.

Up-to-date knowledge

You are looking for professionals. For 3D drafters with up-to-date knowledge of Autodesk Revit. Our Romanian professionals are all university graduates which recently completed Autodesk training and the latest expertise in this field.

Remote or in-house

If you have a small job that needs doing, or a rush job to squeeze in, we have plenty of work space at our recruitment office in Romania. Our Revit specialists can get your job done from there. If you prefer to have someone come to your site, no problem. We’ll take care of everything. From travel to the Netherlands to a place to stay.  


For short jobs and major projects

From small, short-term jobs to a long-term partnership. We can deliver the drafters you need in no time. Language is never a barrier. All our professionals speak English. 

Why choose DB Work

  • Short lines of communication
  • High quality and flexibility guaranteed
  • We are just as committed to clarity and collaboration as you are

We are here to help you get the best professionals for your project

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